If you're looking for an opportunity to get involved with a great cause, meet some fantastic people and gain some amazing experience; we'd love to have you.

Volunteers are the life blood of our organization and we are so grateful to receive their valuable time and energy.

What makes Bright Eyes unique is the range of volunteer opportunities available;

Volunteer opportunities:

-Volunteer your time in the children' centre: Spend time assisting in the Centre's day program at Bright Eyes Centre.  We love new friends and assistants. Assist in the classroom, help set up and coordinate special adapted art projects, chaperone field trips, join in with a music and dance session and much much more.


-Garden and grounds:If you have green fingers, or a love of outdoors; come and help us maintain our sensory garden, plan new garden areas and keep our children garden flourishing.


-Be an AmbassadorFliers and rep visits: Bright Eyes Centre is constantly looking for people willing to distribute fliers and visit doctors offices on our behalf- we're always trying to keep our brand out there are available to those parents who may need us. 


-Event staff: Be apart of our event team: help coordinate our stands and fairs at sporting events and plan our eventing calendar 


-Share your knowledge: If you have know how or interests in the areas of: marketing, fundraising, book keeping, social media, event planning or finances- join us for a brainstorming evening and help us with our growth and planning. We need all the knowledge you can muster.


-Sweat for change: Motivate! Planning to run/swim/cycle or roll your way through a sporting event- do it for a great cause. Team up with Bright Eyes and help raise awareness and funds for a great cause.


-Share your hobbies: One of the best parts of caring for visually impaired children is having the ability to offer them such a wonderful variety of experiences. If you have a hobby- come and share it. Body painting, baking, tie die, dance, sports, etc etc- whatever you love; come and share it with us.

Thanks! Message sent. We're so happy you're interested in volunteering with us. We'll be in contact soon