Our Services

At The Bright Eyes Centre


Daily childcare: 7:30-3pm

Preschool class: 7:30-3pm

Toddler class: 7:30-3pm

Baby care: 7:30-3pm

One on one visual intervention play (45mins) (for ages 0-3yrs) - sessions are individually tailored, incorporate parents/carers and aimed at developing your child's visual capabilities (during the elasticity period of visual development.) 




Bright Eyes offers educational services for teachers, parents, caregivers and other interested individuals.

Educational opportunities include: Bright Eyes Workshops (covering topics such as visual stimulation, adapting educational material for visually impaired learners, sensory integration ideas, and more)


Bright Eyes educational experiences: we offer opportunities for shadowing our teachers and staff (for educators or teaching students)


School Outreach- community service hours

Bright Eyes is happy to welcome school going learners wishing to complete their necessary community service requirements.



Bright Eyes staff are proud to be invited lecturers at a number of KZN teaching academies and schools; as part of their learner integration curriculum

Community Outreach


Bright Eyes plays an important role in the community as both a vital resource for families of visually impaired children and a source of support and awareness for other community projects. We continue to provide staff and childcare assistance to other struggling creches throughout KZN as well as assist them with accessing funding, equipment and donations and the distributions thereof.

*please follow 'our projects' to keep informed about up an coming community projects* 




Bright Eyes continues to emphasize the importance of re-education and awareness of the social and educational assumptions made against visually impaired young learners and their possible abilities. Each year; Bright Eyes dedicates a considerable amount of time and effort to projects aimed at raising awareness about the educational needs of visually impaired children and their perfect capabilities at achieving mainstream objectives when their foundational and educational support requirements are met and nurtured. Many incorrect assumptions exist about the capabilities, or lack thereof, of visually impaired children and Bright Eyes continually and passionately works to address these. Awareness and re-education projects form a large part of our work throughout the year; gaining momentum and recognition from the community, general public, and state organizations.

*awareness projects are a great way to begin volunteer experience, please contact us should you wish to join us*

Conference Hosting


The Bright Eyes Centre has recently opened its doors to local charitable and community organizations seeking an intimate location to host workshops and conference talks. 

*please contact us directly should you wish to inquire about this service*