Run Blind began as a small initiative and grew in both momentum and support. Cathryn (head teacher) pledged to run a 21K on the 29th  Oct 2017 and to do it BLINDFOLDED. 

Goal: To raise much needed community awareness of the difficulties faced by our visually impaired children, inspire people to challenge themselves to walk in the footsteps of a low vision person and to even inspire visually impaired people themselves to try new physical activities despite the difficulties they might face in doing so.

Run Blind received fantastic support and raised funding for the playground upgrade project which was able to be completed in Feb 2018.

Events entered included: Durban 10km, 21km and The EYE CAN WALK event

The project also birthed extension projects: ACTIVE BLIND (continuous project): RUN SURF YOGA BLIND


Yoga and Surf Blind, born of the Run Blind Project; found other sporting members of the community

volunteering to host and coach classes and events; all to blindfolded participants. The projects continued

to raise fantastic awareness, support and funding- all helping Bright Eyes to finally begin construction of

the new playground.


The upgrading of the Bright Eyes Centre Playground has long been a dream for the team. The playground was envisioned to be designed completely for the unique needs of our visually impaired learners, with an array of different elements including sensory and tactile zones. The funding for the project was secured through very successful fund raising campaigns: Run Blind , Walk Surf Yoga Blind, Muffin Making, and an online Crowd Funding page. The playground installation began in Feb 2018 and was completed in the first week of March. 


Goal: To help collect much needed donations for the struggling creche (first brought to our attention by Berea Mail)

Bright Eyes became a collection point for donations. 

We delivered food parcels, blankets and toys to the creche

Old Mutual donated R5000 to help with supplies to rebuild the current classroom; thank you 

This project is still open and we are hoping to raise further funds for the restoration of the building.

Please contact us if you can help: money, building supplies, building expertise and volunteer time.

MUFFIN Mondays

Muffin Mondays Project: Goal: to raise money for the design and upgrade of the centre's outside play gym.

The team produced and sold delicious (some very decadent too)  muffins every Monday and made use of social media and community sharing to spread the word. The muffins were quite a hit amongst the community and we were able to secure orders from a number of small cafes and school tuck shops. 

A future goal of the project is to create enough of a following to turn the project into a prospective small business to be run by one of the parents of our students. 

This project is still running and in order to grow we have a current wish list :

A large Oven (for baking), donations towards petrol (for deliveries) Batter donations and ingredients.

please contact us if you can assist


Christmas is always a busy time for the local SPCA. We did our bit by collecting what we could from their general operating wishlist: pet food and blankets.

*we were even able to spread a little more cheer by purchasing the 12 dog blankets from the family who makes and sells them on Windermere Rd (Mother with her son in his wheelchair)- we recommend the blankets, they are great quality and the family are so appreciative.)

This was a personal collection from our Bright Eyes Staff and families; your generosity is amazing. Thank you. 


The Baby Home, run by Bjorn and Jo Teunissen, is a lovely little place in durban north; taking in and caring for orphaned and abandoned babies. The Teunissens are what's termed 'crisis parents'; responding to desperate situations for many infants abandoned at hospitals, churches, street corners etc. They provide an interim home of safety, care, support and love.

We first came into contact with them when Jo approached us to assist with visual stimulation for one of their babies. We were thrilled and honored to help and loved our time with baby Blessing.

In December 2016 we decided to help them as much as we could; we collected their wishlist, sent out a call to action, rallied our contacts together and made some hay! We were able to collect around R3600 and fulfill most of the items on their wishlist; diapers, formula,wipes, toiletries, baby food etc.

The Teunissens and all their support staff were thrilled and grateful for our donations and we loved our visit to deliver the goods. This will definitely be a repeat event :) Thankyou to all who helped, especially one very special man who always comes to our aid :)