Future Projects



Raising funds to purchase individually adapted visual aids and tech devises to assist grade R- grade4 visual learners.

The world of visual technology and assistive devices has really developed in leaps and bounds in recent years and the effect some of the devises can make for low vision learners is amazing. For some; they mean the difference between learning the read written text or not. Unfortunately; they come at quite a cost; from basic magnifiers (averaging R1200) and more sophisticated tech devises (that can magnify,change colors and text styles to suit the user) that start at around R2300. These devices cannot be a reality for most of the families we assists and our goal this year is to see that we make it one!

Goal: To assist 5 young students with the devises they need, best suited to their visual potential.

Estimate costs: R15 000.00 (included; optometry/devise fitting)

What we need:

1) Financial donors

2) Possible optometrist supply companies prepared to discount or offer deals

3) Volunteers; We need passionate people prepared to gather quotes, approach optometrists,

fundraise, spread the word and manage social media