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Bheka project

One Child at a time


Help us expand; send a child to school.

Bright Eyes Centre fulfills a crucial and dire need in our community as the only centre of its kind. This year we are operating at full capacity, within our designated child to carer ratio. However; we continue to meet parents of children who need us, it breaks our hearts to turn them away based on our own limitations. It's time to expand- and with your help; we can do it!


We are ready to take on another team member and open our doors to more children and families who need us.


It costs around R3400 per month to school a child at Bright Eyes

We need generous, committed donors to help us reach these targets and invite more students through our doors.


This is a real life opportunity to change a child's life.

Please contact us if you would like to assist. 

All donations are immensely appreciated. Continuous or Once Off. 

Our Sincerest Thanks

Muffin Mondays


Muffin Mondays is a project with a big future.

The project is ongoing from 2017 and needs one final push to make it a real success story.

Goal: to raise funds to fix and upgrade the centre's outdoor play area; and build into a small business to be run by one of our littlie's parents. The project has been wonderfully received, securing orders from small cafes and local companies. Now we need just one last element to move ahead: A nice large oven for baking, donations for petrol (deliveries) and suppliers for our batter and ingredients. 

If you can assist: please get in contact

Active Blind

Active blind, which began with 'RunBlind', has grown in momentum and support and is a very special project aimed at raising awareness about the difficulties faced by low vision children and adults, and breaks with stereotypical assumptions about the physical abilities of low vision individuals. Through Active Blind; RUN SURF YOGA Blind we challenge people, and the community, to participate in these sporting activities blindfolded and truly live the experience. 

Challenge our members and volunteers of this great cause with a donation pledge- or, join us by starting your own pledge event/run challenge for Bright Eyes Centre. 


We are a NonProfit Organization, working to uplift, educate and support young blind and visually impaired children and their families is KZN, South Africa.

We are dedicated to ensuring our little ones are cared for, encouraged and inspired towards reaching their own potential, living wonderfully full lives, unrestricted, unhampered and full of hope.

Bright Eyes Trust

NPO 175 712

Section 18A organization


T: 084 251 7754


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