Corporate Partnering Strategies

Corporate Partnering Strategies are tailored to fit a company's specific needs and goals and may include a number of further PR benefits (in addition to tax deduction qualifications.)

+Upon receipt of a once off or continuous donation to Bright Eyes, a corporation/business/trust/organization may qualify to receive one or more of the following PR associated benefits:

-Content (including Thank you letters, testimonials and images) for their PR/HR/CSR portfolios.

-Social media 'shoutouts' from Bright Eyes (blog posts, Facebook and instagram posts referencing the company-linking to company websites and social media pages.)

-Newsletter features (a full feature on the company, their charitable donation etc, included in our quarterly newsletter, and or Blog)

-Website Mention- Subscription to our 'partners' page

-Website linking: Including a subscription to our 'partners' page, attached company Logo and website link (top donors may request to appear on our home page.)

Bright Eyes Donors receive invitations to any and all events hosted by Bright Eyes and are welcome to make use of content while at the events.

Donors may also qualify to provide marketing materials and branding at events related to their market area.  


We are a NonProfit Organization, working to uplift, educate and support young blind and visually impaired children and their families is KZN, South Africa.

We are dedicated to ensuring our little ones are cared for, encouraged and inspired towards reaching their own potential, living wonderfully full lives, unrestricted, unhampered and full of hope.

Bright Eyes Trust

NPO 175 712

Section 18A organization


T: 084 251 7754


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