Bright Eyes Centre

For Visually Impaired Young Children

Our Flagship Centre is the only one of its kind in KZN, specializing in the care and foundational education of young visually impaired children;

supporting their families, providing much needed interventions and adapted learning opportunities and ensuring our young blind and low vision children are not left behind or forgotten;

Giving our little all the opportunities they need and deserve.


Bright Eyes Centre is a place of love, care, happiness and hope and the families we help show us their love and gratitude daily. Without Bright Eyes; the future educations of many blind and visually impaired children would be severely diminished.


Centre services include:

Daily Care: 07:00-13:00, aftercare program: 13:00-17:00

Adapted foundation phase class (preschool for Visually impaired learners)

Visual Stimulation Sessions (0-3years)

Sensory and Tactile play and activities

Adapted Art 

Ballet and Dance classes for visually impaired young children

Mum's and Caregivers Support Teas


Bright Eyes Centre is an ongoing project, in need of much financial and community support. We accept all children and families who need us, most of whom live under harsh financial and social stresses, and we are in constant need of generous individuals, groups, companies and organizations to assist these families with financial contributions.