Bright Eyes is a Non Profit Organization, dedicated to caring, educating and supporting of young blind and visually impaired children and their families.

We operate a care centre, in Durban (KZN South Africa) which specifically caters for the unique needs of visually impaired young children, offering highly effective educational programs adapted to suit visually impaired young learners between the ages of 0 and 4years.

We are the only centre of our kind; offering intervention and educational foundations which help to prevent  low vision associated developmental delays in young children.

As a charitable organization; we offer our services to those who need us, regardless of their financial abilities and socio-economic status and 80% of our visually impaired learners are unable to assist financially. 

We rely 100% on the generosity of others to keep our doors open and our learners catered for.


To provide the best possible levels of care, early intervention, inspired education and

nurtured support to all visually impaired young children in our community, regardless

of financial ,cultural or social standings. To offer the highly effective and essentially

integral intervention that these visually impaired children need at a very crucial and

highly effective age in their lives so’s to increase their possibilities of truly bright,

fully balanced futures. Futures in which their visual impairments are not seen as

hindrances but rather as tools for becoming more able, more confident, more self

empowered, more highly skilled and more capable then first believed possible.